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Man rape minor child in Gurdaspur

A 60-year-old elderly driver has been misuse the 11-year-old child in a village, district Gurdaspur. The relatives of the victim’s child alleged that the school driver blackmailed the child form last 15 days. At the same time, the police have started legal proceedings by registering the case.

The mother of the 11-year-old child of a village Batala, district Gurdaspur told that her child falls in a private school. He goes to school every day from the school bus but suddenly, the child insisted on not going to school. In the morning when mother began to wash her child, he did not sit down. Blood was coming out of his anus. When the mother asked about it, he himself was surprised and full details of the incident were given to the police on behalf of the child’s family and also to the school administration.

The mother told that her child is very depress not even eat anything. The family wants justice and they want hang till death to the driver. Police send child for his medical, after medical report they take next step. In this case, the principal of the school, Davinder Singh said that the matter which has come up is appealing to the police itself that the police. He should be tighten,while the police filed a complaint against the alleged accused against the mother of the victim. Has started legal proceeding.

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