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EcoSikh Launches a Worldwide Plantation Campaign to Celebrate Guru Nanak’s 550th Birth Anniversary

Ecosikh launches a worldwide plantation campaign to have a good time guru nanak’s 550th delivery anniversary

Initiated a gurbani based totally garden in moga, punjab

18 september, 2018, new delhi ; ecosikh company released a international-huge campaign to celebrate guru nanak’s 550th start anniversary in 2019 by planting 550 timber every at 1820 locations in india and different elements of the arena. The company is targeting to plant 1 million timber through the end of next 12 months and is planning to publish a document of this marketing campaign to the united countries.

Ecosikh become launched in 2009 in new delhi with the collaboration of the united countries. It has worked on climate alternate issues with un, the white residence and with other international environmental our bodies. It’s far spearheading a marketing campaign to have interaction the sikh community on environmental issues and has started out the concept of the sikh surroundings day being celebrated each year now on march 14. Over 5500 hundred sikh gurdwaras, colleges, faculties and institutions celebrated at the moment in 2018.

Addressing the press at delhi press membership, ecosikh worldwide president, dr.Rajwant singh said, “guru nanak wanted each man or women to have a harmonious dating with nature and to stay a life with out harming the environment. We want to highlight teachings of guru nanak on nature and we are confident that this can inspire now not best people of punjab and india however human beings everywhere in the international.”

He added, “delhi and different towns in punjab and india are going through a dangerous level of air pollution and deforestation and haphazard development is bringing havoc in lots of regions. Kerala floods is the latest instance. India has handiest 21 % woodland region wherein as punjab simplest 4 %. Planting trees at mass degree has emerge as a necessity and it have to be taken into consideration a sacred act.”

Ecosikh is also developing a cell app platform to guide people on plantation method and to consolidate a document for you to be provided at united international locations as a unified attempt marking guru nanak celebrations.

Ecosikh has additionally created a gurbani based guru nanak bagh (garden), a primary of its very own type nature oasis in punjab. Numerous species of bushes mentioned within the sikh scriptures, guru granth sahib, has been planted at this 5-acre website online and it changed into inaugurated on august 20, 2018. This ancient sacred spot in moga has been visited by way of guru nanak.

Ecosikh south asia assignment manager, ravneet singh stated, “over 50 groups of 500 youngsters from punjab, haryana, delhi, chhatisgarh, jammu, karnal, assam and foreign towns of derby (united kingdom), hong kong, washington dc have already began plantations under the guru nanak 550 marketing campaign.”

Ecosikh also released a guide ‘shrenianusarrukhaan di vyontbandi’ in punjabi, written by way of the famend environmentalist of punjab, dr.Balwinder singh lakhewali to empower and teach common humans to interact in plantation drives. “we’ve plans to translate and release the pdf model of the e book in hindi and english to reach out to the loads and advantage nature.” introduced ravneet singh.

Expressing his feelings, ecosikh delhi coordinator gagandeep singh said, “delhi’s air pollutants has affected millions of lives and there may be a sizeable upward push in respiration illnesses some of the maximum vulnerable. It’s far critical that observe guru nanak’s teachings and take care of having a clean air for all. We’ve got engaged youngsters and households to plant timber earlier than his 550th beginning anniversary and fight air pollution.”

Ecosikh board member, mohan singh from faridabad who has been actively accomplishing plantation drives and engaging citizens welfare institutions, stated, “guru nanak has touched each coronary heart, we can plant 550 timber in faridabad with rws and unfold this idea with the opposite rwss national.”

Ecosikh may also plant 550 trees at two places in pakistan which are sacred and are associated with guru nanak.

Ecosikh has proposed a one hundred acre sacred woodland to punjab’s leader minister so the green cowl will be increased in the state.

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