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Captain will hold accountable MLA, minister for LS polls performance

Punjab Cong may hold accountable MLAs, ministers for LS polls performance

Chandigarh – Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Wednesday announced that party will hold MLAs and Ministers accountable for performance of candidates in general election. Captain said it has been decided by the party’s high command under the guidance of Rahul Gandhi, as party wants to achieve its Mission 13 for upcoming election.

Captain also said that in keeping with the high command’s decision, the incumbent ministers in Punjab who did not succeed in ensuring a victory for the Congress, especially from the constituencies they represented, would be dropped from the cabinet. Captain added MLAs who failed to achieve the victory of Congress in their constituency, would not be get the ticket for next Assembly elections.

The party has also made the criterion for allotment of chairmanships of various boards more stringent. The Congress has decided that such chairmanships would be allotted on the basis of the performance of individuals in the ongoing Lok Sabha polls. Performance, and not seniority, would be the criterion determining their eligibility for boards and corporations, Amarinder said.

Punjab CM said the decision has been taken to promote the performance based culture in the party. Rahul Gandhi may reward those who will made great difference at ground level for the party, CM added.




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