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MP Ravneet gets warm welcome in Atam Nagar

MP Ravneet gets warm welcome in Atam Nagar

Ludhiana – Current Member of Parliament Ravneet Bittu of Congress is doing his campaign in Halka Atam Nagar of Ludhiana, where he and his companion Kamaljit Singh Karwal both are getting very good response from the people of constituency. Ravneet Bittu is doing his door to door campaign for Lok Sabha Election 2019. During his campaign Ravneet and his companion both have met with people and the local shopkeepers, who assured them for victory with good margin. Both ate Kulchey-Choley like an ordinary man.

While blaming his opponent Simarjit Singh Bains and Balwinder Singh Bains, Mr. Bittu said the area become like heaps of garbage and the roads get broken, which cause the resident to live in hell like condition. Moreover, during the talk with residents and locals Bittu said both the Bains brother has not done any development in the area and people are repenting to vote Bains borther.

Mr. Bittu asked the residents to vote for Congress so that Atam Nagar and Ludhiana South constituencies could also be developed like the other 4 constituencies of Ludhiana which were represented by Congress MLAs. He also said after getting the UPA government in the center they will simplify the GST, so the industry could get boost.

Along with Mr. Bittu the prominent who participated in this door-to-door campaign included Atam Nagar halka in-charge Kamaljit Singh Karwal, councilor Sukhdev Singh Seehra, ex-councilor Rajinder Singh Bajwa, Block president Parminder Singh, Ishar Nagar president Tejinder Singh Bilkhu, Resham Singh Saggu, Block president Atam Nagar Amarjit Rani, Yashpal Sharma and several others.



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